• Italian Stuffed Pork Loin

    Italian Stuffed Pork Loin Made Easy

    This stuffed pork loin is a foodie’s simple take of a Porchetta. A Porchetta is a traditional Italian dish that consists of a boneless pork roast that is stuffed with liver and fennel and roasted for many hours over a fire. I’m sure the original is delicious but liver and fennel are not staples in my refrigerator. My version skips the old world ingredients and uses delicious Italian meats and cheeses instead. I created this recipe when I had a bunch of leftover cheeses and deli meats from a charcuterie board in the fridge that I needed to use up before they went bad. I trimmed the pork loin of…

  • Cooking

    The Best Steak You’ll Ever Make!

    Are you afraid of buying an expensive steak and ruining it? Do you shy away from cooking steak because you don’t have a grill? Don’t worry, I was in those shoes once too until I learned this method. It results in the juiciest steak and it is so quick and simple! I learned this method on Food Network’s The Kitchen and apparently it’s Bobby Flay’s preferred method. They use a porterhouse but my budget doesn’t allow for that so I use whatever cut is on sale at Aldi that week. I’ve tried this method with T-bones and NY Strip and both work well, just adjust the cooking time accordingly.  …

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    5 Kitchen Tools For Guaranteed Easy And Delicious Meals

    In the past I’ve been guilty of purchasing every neat kitchen gadget I come across at TJ Maxx but a lot of these gadgets are one trick ponies and take up way too much real estate in your kitchen. When I moved in with Dan I was faced with downsizing my collection of tools and found myself going back to these basics over and over again. If you are just beginning to cook or if you’re a well seasoned chef these are the items you need in your wheelhouse to make cooking as simple and delicious as possible.   Good Sharp Chef’s Knife    If your knife can’t cut cleanly…