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Dollar Tree DIY Creepy Crawly Wreath

This fall I set out to find budget friendly decor for our new home. I was able to find plenty of inexpensive pieces but I just couldn’t find a wreath that both Dan and I liked that didn’t break the bank. I did some research on Pinterest and decided I could easily make an affordable wreath to fit my needs. I saw a few wreaths similar to this that used a large wooden wreath form. I wanted something more minimal but that still had the creepy factor so I came up with this design instead. I found almost all my materials at Dollar Tree and this came together for under $7.


– wreath form $1

– black decorative mesh $1

– plastic creature figurines (2 bags) $2

– plastic spider rings $1

– small can of black spray paint $2

– scissors

– glue gun


  1. Start by sorting your creatures and picking any that aren’t black. Lay them flat on a covered surface and spray paint them. Let them dry.

2. While the creatures dry, wrap your mesh around the form. Start by gluing one end to the inside of the form and overlap the layers one inch over itself making your way around the form. Be careful to cover the whole form evenly. When you make it around all the way, trim the end and glue to the back of the wreath.

3. When the spray painted creatures are dry lay them out on top of your wreath to decide on a design you like. I started with some of the bigger creatures and then filled in the gaps with the smaller spiders from the rings. You will need to cut the spiders off the ring band.

4. Once you are happy with your design start gluing the creatures onto the wreath. Continue to glue until all the gaps are filled. It’s important to let some of the creatures poke off the edge of the wreath to increase the creepy factor.

5. Once you’ve filled all the gaps you’re done! Let your wreath dry fully and it’s ready to spook your guests.

Let me know if you give this a try! Have you made your own holiday wreath? What did it look like? Let me know in the comments below.

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