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Fall Decor That Won’t Break the Bank

I love decorating for the holidays! As a little girl it was always one of the things I looked forward to the most when fall and winter rolled around. This year I’m extra excited for the holidays because it’s the first time I have my own home to decorate. I was counting down the days for fall to officially begin so I could start putting up decorations. However, I quickly realized I didn’t have many decorations of my own and didn’t want to go spend tons of money on seasonal decor.

I made a few trips to Dollar Tree, Target and T.J. Maxx and was able to pull together a few festive touches to actually make it feel like fall despite the 80 degree weather.

I started by adding small accents to my pre-existing decor. The cute scarecrow I picked up at Dollar Tree found a perfect home in the planter. I decorated our pineapple jar with witch accessories from a pumpkin kit I found at Dollar Tree and these mini ceramic pumpkins from Target (seen above) made a great centerpiece for our coffee table.

Two years ago Dan and I decorated these Halloween mason jars (that I found in the Target dollar section) on a fall themed date night and now they accompany a Haunted Mansion inspired print I’ve saved as our dining room centerpiece (the cake stand is also from Target).

Now for the outside, our front door doesn’t see a lot of traffic but our balcony does so I attached these solar powered lights from Dollar Tree to it with zip-ties. The lights in these didn’t last for long but they still look cute. Also excuse my dying rosemary bush, I haven’t developed a green thumb yet. Dan was starting to get concerned with the lack of horror in our decor so I created this wreath.

I found all the supplies for this at Dollar Tree and it only took about an hour to make. By far this is my favorite decoration I’ve put up! I’ll be posting a tutorial for this in a of couple days. 

Another Dollar Tree DIY was this up-cycled jack-o-lantern Dan and I made. I had been saving a Tide Pod container just for this. I used a felt kit and a strobe light I found at the Dollar Store. It may not be the nicest of our decor but we made memories making it and it can be used as storage for some of the decorations once the season is over. 

How have you decorated for fall? Do you find budget friendly options or splurge?

Hi! I’m Jackie, foodie, adventurer, teacher, girlfriend and Disney devotee. I hope my musings bring some joie into your life.

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