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Central Florida Winery Adventure Date

For our 3 year anniversary Dan and I wanted to take a weekend road trip to explore some sights we haven’t visited before. In the past we have traveled all over the peninsula but there is still so much left to explore.

We’ve been checking out small wineries in Florida since we first started dating and it’s become a tradition for us, so when we heard that the Henscratch Farm Vineyard and Winery was having their annual grape stomp the same weekend we knew we had to check it out.

Let’s start by saying this winery is in the middle of nowhere (Lake Placid) and you probably wouldn’t know it was there unless you go out of your way to find it. Unlike other wineries we have visited in the past Henscratch has a very rustic feel to it, the tasting room is in a silo, and yes, there really are hens running lose on the the property.

Their wines were the run-of-the-mill sweet muscadine varieties that are native to Florida. Tastings of all their wines were included with event admission.  My favorite was their Golden Sunrise which was a dry white and Dan enjoyed the Country Blueberry, a semi-sweet blueberry wine. We also got to “do the Lucy” and stomp on grapes. They were very cold and squishy but a cool experience every wine lover should try at least once. While at Henscratch we heard about a new distillery that was down the road, we had some extra time so we decided to go investigate.

Sugar Sand Distillery is located in the middle of a sugar cane farm and is a farm-to-bottle operation. Unlike most distilleries they don’t refine their sugar into syrup before making it into spirits so everything they make tastes extremely fresh. They offer tours for $7.50 per person that includes tastings of all clear spirits, a cocktail to enjoy during the tour and $5 off a purchase of a bottle.

The tour was well worth the cost and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take one of their bottles of rum home. I have honestly never tasted a rum more delicious than theirs. It reminded me of being on vacation on a tropical island and chewing on a piece of sugarcane in my mojito.

From the distillery we kept driving about an hour north to True Blue Winery in Davenport. This winery has actually been on our list for some time because they specialize in blueberry wine which is Dan’s favorite. We didn’t take any pictures there because it was their off-season and they only offered outdoor tastings. The winery is owned by a couple that were very gracious and hospitable. We were the only customers when we went and they made us feel at home. We will definitely be back during peak season to try their brick oven pizza and enjoy some wine at their fire pit.

Overall, this was a fun date day and I’d recommend anyone in the area to do it too.


Have you visited any of the wineries in Florida? 


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