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The Best Steak You’ll Ever Make!

Are you afraid of buying an expensive steak and ruining it? Do you shy away from cooking steak because you don’t have a grill? Don’t worry, I was in those shoes once too until I learned this method.

It results in the juiciest steak and it is so quick and simple!

I learned this method on Food Network’s The Kitchen and apparently it’s Bobby Flay’s preferred method. They use a porterhouse but my budget doesn’t allow for that so I use whatever cut is on sale at Aldi that week. I’ve tried this method with T-bones and NY Strip and both work well, just adjust the cooking time accordingly.


Still scared? Invest in a digital meat thermometer. They are inexpensive and will result in perfectly cooked steak every time!

Don’t forget about carryover cooking! Meat continues to cook until you cut into it. It’s always better to pull the steak off earlier rather than later.

What’s you’re favorite cut of meat to cook? Let me know if you give it a try!