5 Ways to Cope with a Long Commute

In February Dan and I moved in together and I was so excited for our new adventure together, what I wasn’t excited for was the new 45 minute minimum commute to and from work. That’s just about 2 hours I’m spending in a car daily. I don’t mind driving but the same route and the hectic Miami traffic became monotonous. I quickly found that those long periods driving were life-sucking and I would get home ready for a nap.  Over time I found some ways to make the commute more bearable. Here are a few ways I’ve been able to cope with the long commute.

1. Podcasts

Pick a niche, find a cast you like and listen in. Trust me there’s a podcast for everyone. Just don’t go searching for them while driving please. 

I love listening to Bon Appetit’s Foodcast or Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

2. Audiobooks

Sometimes we don’t make the time to read even though we keep insisting we want to. An audiobook is a good solution to add that habit to your routine.

Too expensive? I earn money for audiobooks and other forms of media through Google Opinion Rewards. There’s also free samples of audio-books so you can get a taste before you fully invest. 

3. Tea

I hated tea when I was younger, eventually I tried southern sweet tea and loved it. Then later in college I acquired a taste for hot tea. Now I drink Yogi Kombucha Green Tea, and I like it so much I drink it without a sweetener.

I make a cup before leaving work and pour it in my Yeti, that way it stays warm for my ride. By the time I’m home I have enough energy to get me through the evening and I’m not stressed thanks to the warm aromatics that keep me calm during rush hour.

4. Jam Out

Listen to your favorite playlist or radio station, sing along and have fun with it. This is really helpful when you’re sleepy. Whenever I feel sleepy while driving I listen to something I can’t help but sing along to. For me that’s In the Heights, Disney classics, or Glee. They’re all old but still work for me. Find a playlist or genre that works for you.

5. Carpool

On a few occasions recently I’ve shared my commute with a coworker that lives close by. Having someone along for the ride certainly makes it more bearable, you end up talking most of the ride and you’ll be saving on gas and car maintenance.


Do you have a long commute? How do you make your trip more bearable?

Hi! I’m Jackie, foodie, adventurer, teacher, girlfriend and Disney devotee. I hope my musings bring some joie into your life.

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