5 Memories You Should Be Making When Visiting Barcelona

1. Have Your Breath Taken Away by the Architecture


Gaudi’s work is definitely one of the most recognized aspects of Barcelona but it’s with good reason.

When we planned our trip to Barcelona I knew Sagrada Familia and Park Guell were places I had to visit, I mean they are the #1 search results for things to do in the city!

I never anticipated how impactful they would be though. So much thought went into the elements of each building, from the iron work on the doors to the tiny mosaic pieces so high only birds can see them.

I’d go on but this really need to be seen firsthand to do it justice.

2. Tasting Tapas and Wine

Everyone always talks about how great and inexpensive the tapas and wine in Spain are and they aren’t kidding!

I grew up in a Hispanic household and Manchego cheese and Chistorra were as common to me as Goldfish and Doritos are to kids now. I knew I loved tapas before I went to Spain but it wasn’t until I was there that I knew how creative and elevated their tapas could be. Their ability to stack a multitude of flavors onto a tiny slice of baguette was marvelous. 

As for the wine I always would order the house wine (“El Vino de La Casa”). It’s usually inexpensive and unlike in America it’s not that cheap glass they serve you at happy hour.

Also hands down the best croquetas I have ever had were in Barcelona (unfortunately I only have one photo to show for it) I promise they were spectacular!

3. Experience Soccer with the Locals

Like most Europeans, the Spaniards love soccer but you probably already knew that.

What you don’t know is how passionately they express their love for their teams during a game.

These fans are on their feet for a majority of the game play, they embrace strangers when they score a goal and are infuriated when a penalty is called on one of their players. The entire crowd knows all their chants and they share a level of respect for their fellow fanatics and tourists that I had never experienced in American sporting events.

4. Watch the Magic Fountain

This is like the Disney Fireworks of Barcelona.

A mesmerizing choreography of water and colors plays on with the city as it’s background.

This is one attraction I didn’t expect to like that much considering the exposure I have to these type of shows going to Walt Disney World so often but I was wrong.

The soundtrack was primarily traditional Spanish music and the street performers that gather around before the show starts are also very entertaining.

5. Exploring the City with the Love Of Your Life

There is so much to be learned by exploring a foreign country with your significant other.

You’ll work together to find your way when you’re lost, you’ll become closer than ever before (being surrounded by nothing but strangers and having no one else to talk to) and you’ll find new shared interests along the way.

But on top of all that you’ll be creating memories together that you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

I’d love to know have you visited Barcelona? What was your favorite memory there? 

Hi! I’m Jackie, foodie, adventurer, teacher, girlfriend and Disney devotee. I hope my musings bring some joie into your life.

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